ANTIQUE LACE HEIRLOOMS was founded by Rosalin Blackman over 15 years ago and started as a passion for collecting antique lace, wedding veils and exquisite antique trims. Many years ago, her grandmother showed her a beautiful French antique lace heirloom wedding veil, she was smitten and fell in love with exquisite antique laces and trims, of which she has been collecting with a passion, for many years.

 Rosalin designs and hand crafts exquisite unique Antique Lace Wedding Dresses,  Hand Embroidered Wedding Veils, Headpieces, Antique bridal belts and Accessories. For those who love original vintage, every exquisite piece has its own story and is completely unique & original, one of a kind Heirloom of unrivalled quality – treasured for generations to come.

With many years experience in the bridal/wedding industry, a background in Fashion, Antiques, Lace, Textiles & Theatrical Design, Rosalin, designer and owner of ANTIQUE LACE HEIRLOOMS  will help you find your perfect wedding dress.  Rosalins designs are inspired and influenced by the beautiful romantic flowing gowns of the Edwardian era and stunning opulent hand beaded gowns of the Jazz eras of the 1920’s & 1930’s. If you adore antique and vintage fashion, desire originality and individuality, every exquisite piece is unique and beautiful, of unrivalled quality, one of a kind heirloom to be cherished.

Select online your beautiful antique lace wedding dress, from our ready to wear one-of-a kind collection, uniquely designed and beautifully restored. Choose from our exquisite collection of headdresses, antique lace veils, embroidered lace veils, bridal sashes and belts. Within the feather collection of beautiful accessories are ostrich feather shrugs & wraps, to keep you warm and complete your ensemble. Clients can also have either their own veil or dress restored.


Art Deco hand beaded Dresses start from £350. Antique Lace Wedding Dresses start from £700 depending on the design, quality and rarity of lace. Veils from £300.  Antique lace dresses can be worn over slips varying in shades, from pale Ivory to champagne, darker shades, such as teal green and Edwardian Blue, therefore evoke the mood of the dress. Slips are sold separately.

If you have any further questions please email info@antiquelaceheirlooms.com or call on  Mobile: +44 07979105616